03-16-2016 09:16 AM
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  1. dhutt's Avatar
    I have faith that all of the bugs will be worked out by Microsoft and this already solid phone will be even more amazing. Would love to get my hands on one of these.
    02-07-2016 04:40 PM
  2. Yazanova's Avatar
    i would use it for photography and doing some work on continuum
    02-07-2016 04:49 PM
  3. Airbrushed's Avatar
    I don't deserve this phone any more than anyone else, but I sure would LOVE to have one! My previous Windows phone (Lumia 1520) has pretty much worn out and not synching well (even after resetting). I would use the 950 XL for just about everything, especially with Continuum. Home, work, my volunteering; everything!
    02-07-2016 04:53 PM
  4. meddyrainzo's Avatar
    Best of luck to everyone in the contest
    02-07-2016 05:42 PM
  5. Morc3's Avatar
    Good Luck to everyone!!!!!!
    02-07-2016 05:57 PM
  6. jorgeservin91's Avatar
    I really want one. My beloved Lumia 920 is having poorer battery life because is getting old, and I can't find a replacement battery. I need another phone, and I want the best and newest Lumia available! I hope to win this one!
    02-07-2016 06:29 PM
  7. pravinnowbuth's Avatar
    yes...i want a new Windows Phone. I have a Lumia 800 and want a new replacement.
    02-07-2016 06:39 PM
  8. AMDNintendork's Avatar
    I want DAT AMOLED screen.
    02-07-2016 06:45 PM
  9. hsianloon's Avatar
    Loved the 930 but sad it didn't got to win10. A chance to win this ?! Thanks I'll give it a shot
    02-07-2016 07:01 PM
  10. chuckysan's Avatar
    I'm embarrassed to admit it but I haven't made the jump to Windows phone yet, but want to.
    It'd be nice to have a new flagship phone. My wife and teenage son keep stealing mine lol. Now that I've upgraded theirs, they can keep my their mitts off mine!
    02-07-2016 07:02 PM
  11. Gymnova's Avatar
    I have at this moment a lumia 930. I would like to be owner of a LUMIA 950XL, because i love this design, and i'm beliving the power of the windows 10 mobile, but my girlfriend (who will be soon my wife), she would like as well (because she like to take lot of pictures). She has a BBZ30, but she would like to refresh for another one, and this is the "ONE", what she want. And we would like to take pictures from our wedding with LUMIA 950 XL.
    02-07-2016 07:04 PM
  12. Domo Tek's Avatar
    What better way to a perfect upgrade.
    02-07-2016 08:06 PM
  13. Sheikboy92's Avatar
    I need to update my HTC 8x :/
    02-07-2016 08:23 PM
  14. notbad_alpha's Avatar
    Hopefullyi this device needs new (Lumia 800)
    02-07-2016 08:26 PM
  15. Thorgal Aegirsson's Avatar
    Like everyone else here - I just want Lumia!!
    02-07-2016 08:36 PM
  16. devtekve's Avatar
    Probably I will not win this contest, but I will try to do my best to explain why I would like to have this device.

    All comes to my other half, she really loves taking pictures, and as far as I have seen, this phone is perfect for her, that's why I decided to buy one Lumia 950 XL for her, even though it is my dreamed phone (due the fact I'm C# programmer and I really love to experience with new stuff) this devices has a bunch of COOL stuff on it to program and play with... but most important, my girl and I always try to have something equal for both of us, that's why she is my other half it would be great I could become the winner of this contest so we can both have our dreamed phones.

    PD: This is us:
    Last edited by devtekve; 02-08-2016 at 11:55 PM.
    02-07-2016 08:44 PM
  17. mahmoud89's Avatar
    I love using Lumia phones for photography. They take outstanding photos that some of my followers on Instagram have a hard time believing that! My lumia is ageing and the 950xl is limited in availability here in Canada. As a huge Windows mobile fans this would be a dream come true!
    02-07-2016 09:12 PM
  18. Vilas Lakkabathini's Avatar
    yes i want lumia 950xl 'cuz i am a very big windows fan my first phone was samsung focus , the very first windows phone.. and then everyphone i switched is windows.. i am addicted to windows and all my family members too... bt for some reasons i can't buy new windows phone even though my current phone is dying... so i got to win this.... the only wway to have a phone..:)
    02-07-2016 09:58 PM
  19. mullinon's Avatar
    I fear that my Lumia 635 is nearing its end. This could be a good replacement.
    02-07-2016 10:01 PM
  20. sleepyhead23's Avatar
    Fingers crossed! Toes crossed! Everything crossed!
    02-07-2016 10:28 PM
  21. PabloBass's Avatar
    Great! I hope for once I'll get to have the fanciest phone at office!
    02-07-2016 10:48 PM
  22. Mark Richey's Avatar
    Help Windows 10 Mobile's bottom line by grabbing this one!
    02-07-2016 11:03 PM
  23. Helveticus's Avatar
    Plop ! Here we go for the 950 XL
    02-07-2016 11:15 PM
  24. Jay Stewart1's Avatar
    As a graphic, web designer, coder, and all around tech lover. I"m leaving behind the world of Mac, and heading to PC. i have a surface 3, and at the end of the month after months and months of saving my retirement money (disabled veteran) i'm able to upgrade and build my own computer, on top of that i'm also a full time student. So i'm needing a new phone to replace my Iphone as well.
    02-07-2016 11:28 PM
  25. Ajay Yadiki's Avatar
    It will be my valentine for rest of the year, it will be with me all the time.
    02-07-2016 11:30 PM
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