03-16-2016 09:16 AM
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  1. Eurx ww's Avatar
    I hope I will win this time. Waiting for good news. :)
    02-02-2016 01:29 PM
  2. f_riess's Avatar
    I would love to get the 950XL ;)
    02-02-2016 01:29 PM
  3. Andrew Stehman's Avatar
    I love windows phone and it won't hurt to get a new one...for a Verizon wireless network
    02-02-2016 01:29 PM
  4. lwhitmarsh's Avatar
    Looking for something big to replace my mother's aging 925. This would be perfect!
    02-02-2016 01:30 PM
  5. atst44's Avatar
    I really want that awesome camera and to buy into the UAP with Continuum!
    02-02-2016 01:30 PM
  6. ScrubbyXD's Avatar
    Awesome contest! Good luck everyone!
    02-02-2016 01:30 PM
  7. GorillaFAQ's Avatar
    May your blade chip and shatter.
    02-02-2016 01:30 PM
  8. Peter Smith8's Avatar
    02-02-2016 01:31 PM
  9. Marko Marjanovic's Avatar
    Well.. new phone at start of the year to help me save some moeny for summer vacation is preety tempting.

    Ps. If i got it, expect spaming forums with pictures !
    02-02-2016 01:31 PM
  10. anubhavmajumder's Avatar
    Sounds great!
    02-02-2016 01:31 PM
  11. StephenWagner7's Avatar
    Would love to win this phone to give to my dad! He's jealous of my 950 XL. Would love to forward one on to him!
    02-02-2016 01:31 PM
  12. asellite's Avatar
    This would be huge for me. Maybe I can win something for the first time, ever! How many of you have never won anything? Haha.
    02-02-2016 01:32 PM
  13. timesky's Avatar
    Yeah, waiting for this awesome phone.
    02-02-2016 01:32 PM
  14. drunkenscholar's Avatar
    Good luck, gang!
    02-02-2016 01:32 PM
  15. rocketcuse's Avatar
    I am currently on Android. I really like what MS is trying to do with Windows 10. I currently have a Win10 base tablet and have started to think about maybe moving to a Win10 phone. Lack of apps not that big of a deal for me as Win10 has most of the apps I use. I would miss my customization with Android (Note 4), but a free Lumia 950 XL would lessen the pain very nicely!
    02-02-2016 01:32 PM
  16. ishan_rc98's Avatar
    I think a Loyal windows fan like me (4+ years) deserves a phone like this...oh c'mon!...my Dream was too take a snap with the iconic 1020. I want to use it take photographs... And tease my friends. All of them have iphones.. I wanna show them what windows mobile is! ...i know android is way ahead of US but I believe it won't be for long! Lumia was my first phone and will be my last!...
    02-02-2016 01:32 PM
  17. Johnny Tremaine's Avatar
    The mobile OS may be on its back foot, but I'd still love to test drive that camera!
    Sign me up, I'll take a free one, thanks!
    02-02-2016 01:33 PM
  18. TheChazas's Avatar
    Thank you, WC and Mobile Nation, for such a frequent giveaways, love these phones and W10M. And Good Luck everyone!
    02-02-2016 01:33 PM
  19. Sabrepulse's Avatar
    GLHF peeps
    02-02-2016 01:34 PM
  20. Wmercado1984's Avatar
    The best phone out yet, I'm a student and having that phone will be a fantastic tool for me to work on my career in computer science also my teacher will love to see a continuum demonstration wich I told him about as well as the rest of the class. They where fascinated to hear about it now I just need to show then but I have to wait yet.
    02-02-2016 01:34 PM
  21. kevin sinsimer's Avatar
    I always hear people who complain about the bad stuff, but can anyone, who already owns this phone, please tell me some of your good experienced? I'd love to hear what it's like to have the phone!
    02-02-2016 01:34 PM
  22. sriram dhanasekaran's Avatar
    Great phone! Love the camera!
    02-02-2016 01:34 PM
  23. ShaunKL's Avatar
    This would be quite an upgrade from a Lumia 640.
    02-02-2016 01:34 PM
  24. Alex Golesh's Avatar
    Pick me pls!
    02-02-2016 01:34 PM
  25. speedme trancer's Avatar
    After having tried iOS and now on Android, why not try a Windows flagship phone to win me over ? :-)
    02-02-2016 01:35 PM
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