03-16-2016 09:16 AM
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  1. attila0221's Avatar
    Kellesz, hogy kapjam! :D
    02-18-2016 11:02 AM
  2. Bjorn Radtke's Avatar
    Need it to replace my dying Lumia 920 that I love so much.
    Good luck everyone else.
    02-18-2016 11:03 AM
  3. Claudiu14302's Avatar
    I would like one.
    02-18-2016 11:06 AM
  4. Pau Iglesias's Avatar
    With the 950XL I would give away my Ativ S to my little brother which is my last family member left to turn to Windows Phone. I would finally be able to pair my Garmin Fenix 3 with my phone, since it can't be done on windows phone 8.1, etc...
    And most importantly, my girlfriend has a better phone now than me (since I got her the lumia 830) and she keeps teasing me about it.
    And finally, after turning my family, some friends and my company work phones for windows phones I think I deserve it a little.

    Also I cant afford it after getting my Surface Pro 4.
    02-18-2016 11:07 AM
  5. anisbet2171's Avatar
    I'd love to win this phone as I'm keen to put it through it's paces and see how it performs.
    Always loved the previous Lumia handsets and need to confirm this one is just as good as the other models.
    02-18-2016 11:07 AM
  6. Im_Owty's Avatar
    Goodluck to everyone!
    02-18-2016 11:35 AM
  7. EpicRive's Avatar
    Started reading your stuff after I got myself a Lumia, it's very nice! Thanks for the giveaway, very cool of you!
    02-18-2016 11:45 AM
  8. Renata Rasquinho's Avatar
    Good Luck
    02-18-2016 11:58 AM
  9. xratola's Avatar
    I would totally love this phone. It will help me to boost my productivity by a lot!
    02-18-2016 12:08 PM
  10. khunter08's Avatar
    I am the proud owner of a Nokia Lumia 920. At the time the flagship phone of the Lumia series. I am interested in the 950XL because it has similar capabilities, but with the added benefit of a user replaceable battery and a "docking" system.

    Typically I will keep a phone until it dies or is no longer financially feasible to repair. The 950XL may be a solution to that eventual demise. Personally, I'm not interested an any model that isn't top tier and I really like the Windows Phone OS.

    Bottom line... do I deserve a Lumia 950XL? Maybe. Do I need a new phone? No. Would I like to have one? Yes!

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    02-18-2016 12:19 PM
  11. luuthang2011's Avatar
    love it!
    02-18-2016 12:36 PM
  12. RonnyMees's Avatar
    To be honest, I am tired off the sync problems with my Android phone and my Windows live account.
    This Lumia 950 XL realy would help me forward!
    02-18-2016 12:47 PM
  13. halcyonboy's Avatar
    We love it when Windows Central shares the love like this! Good luck everyone! Looks like a truly amazing phone! :)
    02-18-2016 12:50 PM
  14. kaIink0's Avatar
    Good luck, everyone!

    I would replace my Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM with a more capable phone.
    02-18-2016 12:51 PM
  15. Praba Manoharan's Avatar
    Windows phone 10 Rocks!
    02-18-2016 01:01 PM
  16. pedro dinis's Avatar
    Desta vez vou ganhar... (this time i gonna win...) because is the 1 time.lol
    02-18-2016 01:10 PM
  17. Myster Marz's Avatar
    I need something new to revitalize my excitement for WP in general. I also hope to get a chance to mess around with the new features.
    02-18-2016 01:48 PM
  18. XBmod's Avatar
    the best phone ,cool
    02-18-2016 02:02 PM
  19. Prateek Gogia1's Avatar
    I am a Windows Developer and it would be a great opportunity for me to get Lumia 950 XL to test and develop new Applications.
    -Windows For Life
    02-18-2016 02:02 PM
  20. sebbo4's Avatar
    The first holidays are right around the corner and my good old 920 is slowly dieing. It would be super cool to not carry the 920, a power bank and another camera with me, instead, only one Lumia 950.. Pleeease make this come true :)
    02-18-2016 02:24 PM
  21. Francois89's Avatar
    I would love this phone
    02-18-2016 03:15 PM
  22. johnnyraven's Avatar
    Well i need al Lumia 950XL cuz my old Lumia 925 is going dead day by day, served me well for about 4 years, its time for a new phone but im a bit short on money theese times. Hopefully will win this one from WC :D
    02-18-2016 03:18 PM
  23. Konstantin Petrov's Avatar
    My significant other is planning on getting a new phone. He loves Microsoft products almost as much as me and I want to surprise him with a gift he will surely like.
    rak555 likes this.
    02-18-2016 03:21 PM
  24. ABKSdad's Avatar
    I would love to win a 950 XL - I like the larger screen real estate that you get
    02-18-2016 03:23 PM
  25. Antonis Rocopos's Avatar
    Good luck!
    02-18-2016 03:29 PM
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