03-16-2016 09:16 AM
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  1. idproc's Avatar
    02-24-2016 10:23 AM
  2. BrendoTheKing's Avatar
    I've been a Mac user for a while now. I would love to get my hands on the 950 XL and see if that + continuum can replace my iPhone 6 Plus and iMac (2011)!
    02-24-2016 10:33 AM
  3. BrendoTheKing's Avatar
    I've been a Mac user for a while now. I would love to get my hands on the 950 XL and see if that + continuum can replace my iPhone 6 Plus and iMac (2011)!
    02-24-2016 10:34 AM
  4. Windowsfan's Avatar
    Good luck to all on the giveaway!
    02-24-2016 10:40 AM
  5. attila0221's Avatar
    Hol vagy mr, Lumia 950 XL telefon? :D
    02-24-2016 10:49 AM
  6. num1k's Avatar
    When Microsoft first showed Windows 10 mobile to the public, I believe they used a Lumia 1520. I was excited, because I had a 1520. "Perfect," I thought. "That will be a supported model."

    I'm not interested in the Technical Preview, this is my main work phone. Why oh why isn't it available for the 1520 yet? Carriers, MS themselves, I don't care! I'm impatient!

    What would I do with a 950 XL? I'd replace my trusty 1520 and use the heck out of the 950 XL!
    02-24-2016 10:53 AM
  7. ntdansoabeam's Avatar
    The build, processor and camera.
    02-24-2016 11:09 AM
  8. dgurvits's Avatar
    I will use this device to remote desktop into my Windows servers at work
    02-24-2016 11:18 AM
  9. bradleyj's Avatar
    The Lumia 1020 was the last flagship offered here in Canada. No carriers here are offering Windows Phones anymore. I would use the 950XL to replace my L1020. THanks!
    02-24-2016 11:20 AM
  10. Caymus's Avatar
    To be honest, I would really like this phone. I need it to be drawn back into the fold. I tried to stay true to the vision. But after the disaster that was the Icon, (i stuck with it for a long while) I migrated to the apple side with a 6s plus. hated it. now im doing the nexus thing. its okay...but i want to go back to the windows side of things. Help make that happen. please.
    02-24-2016 11:31 AM
  11. kimigayo's Avatar
    I would love a 950 to give to my wife for her birthday in March!! She's stuck with an old sluggish 520 and would love something with a good camera to take pictures of our 18 month old boy. Thanks Windows Central for giving one to some lucky winner!
    02-24-2016 12:20 PM
  12. joydeepcena's Avatar
    I want it because I always admire "MICROSOFT".
    Can't afford to buy a new one.in India its INR 49399 (USD 721).
    02-24-2016 01:31 PM
  13. wp_cb's Avatar
    i had a lumia 800 a couple of years ago and replaced it with a nexus device. i miss my windows phone. great contest. thanks.
    02-24-2016 01:44 PM
  14. uxo22's Avatar
    I'm a pro photographer, I would love to have a device with the camera abilities that the 950XL has to augment me when doing site surveys for shoot planning. I have always been a Windows phone/Windows Mobile fan all the way back to days of the Pocket PC. I would definitely put this baby to good use.
    02-24-2016 02:09 PM
  15. Retut Oroy's Avatar
    I'd love a new Lumia 950xl. The idea of Windows 10 on a phone is awesom. Always been a fan of Windows Devices. I have had a 920, 1020, 1520, 625, and 830. The phablet windows phone has always been a draw for me however, i am not all that big a fan of the 640. I want something a bit more powerful.
    02-24-2016 02:14 PM
  16. perisdr's Avatar
    Sweet phone! Good luck to everyone
    02-24-2016 02:16 PM
  17. FinnMickey's Avatar
    Just bored and a little bit angry with those Android bugs.. I hope that we get some popular android and iOS apps on Windows phone too. :) Loving good cameras, but I really cant afford to buy phone with a good one.. :/ Maybe giving my S4 for my friend, since he is kinda android "freak". :D
    02-24-2016 02:21 PM
  18. Mark Wellington's Avatar
    I would be the first user in Brazil or one of the few - because they do not sell here yet - and to use this incredible camera.
    02-24-2016 02:23 PM
  19. Juan1311's Avatar
    xD I want it!!!
    02-24-2016 02:46 PM
  20. Sander Schot's Avatar
    Would love to come back to Windows !
    02-24-2016 02:51 PM
  21. michgal's Avatar
    A superb phone for superb tasks and creations!
    02-24-2016 02:54 PM
  22. hungryjack76's Avatar
    Still rolling on my 822. Would love a new 950XL!
    02-24-2016 03:23 PM
  23. mpslavko's Avatar
    Good luck!
    02-24-2016 03:27 PM
  24. mpslavko's Avatar
    Hope I win!!
    02-24-2016 03:29 PM
  25. Gediminas Klizas's Avatar
    To this day one of the best MS phones, I would be delighted to have a possibility to test continuum in real life. A lot tried to make coherent OS experience but the win10 is the most promising. :)

    02-24-2016 03:38 PM
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