03-16-2016 09:16 AM
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  1. Eklavya Yadav's Avatar
    Will Gift It To My Dad...So He'll Leave His Old Hanging Office Laptop...And Could Work Anywhere...Everywhere Through Continuum On The Microsoft Lumia 950XL!!!
    02-29-2016 08:36 PM
  2. N@vX's Avatar
    I need a replacement for my old Lumia 1020
    02-29-2016 08:42 PM
  3. GraceFA60's Avatar
    This phone is excellent, I want one more for my daughter.
    02-29-2016 08:47 PM
  4. haggishunter81's Avatar
    If I won I'd give it to my wife (ahem), even though my 930 is a bit cracked up and bashed etc.... she went to a Samsung edge in December and hates it, so its either wait almost 2 years or wait till we can afford one. She has so many complaints with android, I don't rub it in at all though.... ;)
    02-29-2016 08:53 PM
  5. Rich Baker's Avatar
    My 1020 Microphone died, need a new 950XL
    02-29-2016 09:12 PM
  6. Serj Cabanos's Avatar
    OHwell goodluck
    02-29-2016 09:13 PM
  7. juro7's Avatar
    Oh you know.. because it's a kickass phone :)
    02-29-2016 09:15 PM
  8. Chris Capasso's Avatar
    I would love to have the opportunity to own the new 950XL Windows phone. I am a huge fan of everything Windows. As a member of the military I work on a team which is responsible for the coaching, training and mentoring of other Army units. My team and I use OneNote and the full Office suite on our current iPhone and Android to keep continuity of notes and provide real time feedback to our peers.
    In my personal life I am a new parent and my phone is my life blood for capturing every precious moment of my sons life. The 950XL is all around the perfect phone for someone like me, constantly on the go. Its large screen is perfect for showing presentations to my co-workers and would transition beautifully to share video and stills of my baby boy with family and friends. All this being said, Windows and its seamless integration with OneDrive make this phone number one on my wish list.
    02-29-2016 09:17 PM
  9. yzwind's Avatar
    I would like to use my new Lumia 950 XL for my daily uses!
    Take photos, navigating cities with me, share my every moment!
    950 XL would be my best partner ever!
    02-29-2016 09:22 PM
  10. Kasey9814's Avatar
    Would love to win a new Windows phone!
    02-29-2016 09:26 PM
  11. Warcony's Avatar
    Would love to just try out Windows 10 Mobile!
    02-29-2016 09:33 PM
  12. vadim frunza's Avatar
    Gotta love these giveaways
    02-29-2016 09:45 PM
  13. SirVarrock's Avatar
    For once I'd like to have a flagship.
    02-29-2016 09:55 PM
  14. ragnarok1992's Avatar
    02-29-2016 09:58 PM
  15. ayonbat's Avatar
    Awesome phone with great camera and the best mobile operating system.
    02-29-2016 09:59 PM
  16. Lijo John C's Avatar
    Lumia 950xl is in my wish list because of its high cost. Glad if I get one free... Anyway good luck to everyone...
    02-29-2016 10:01 PM
  17. eashwar's Avatar
    I really wish to win this time! God help me XD
    02-29-2016 10:05 PM
  18. JHawk111's Avatar
    Big upgrade over a 520
    02-29-2016 10:15 PM
  19. qwhacker's Avatar
    My 830 is dying on me a bit.... not sure when i can afford the replacement though...
    02-29-2016 10:18 PM
  20. Himay333's Avatar
    i'm tired of my 920 and i'm ready for a new phone. i'll use it as my new daily driver and cant wait for the camera upgrade!
    02-29-2016 10:19 PM
  21. Allan Breum's Avatar
    Honestly, I want a 950XL because;
    I have a 1520, and love the big screen
    I want to find out what the 950XL brings to the table (beyond looking at specs).
    Last but not least, I am going nuts waiting for W10M and the 950XL is a shortcut to it.
    02-29-2016 10:20 PM
  22. rlasten's Avatar
    W10 here I come!
    02-29-2016 10:24 PM
  23. Duvi's Avatar
    Great contest. Good luck folks.
    02-29-2016 10:29 PM
  24. Walkerboy79's Avatar
    would love to have continuum and that camera!
    02-29-2016 10:35 PM
  25. eldricho's Avatar
    I would first of all pop in the sim, say a big thank you to Windows Central for giving me the device that might start my Windows 10 Mobile career and learn every bit about W10M! Then engage in the forums and enjoy my device in style, all the while showing it off to friends and relatives, who are not so aware of Windows 10 Mobile.

    Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
    02-29-2016 10:46 PM
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