03-16-2016 09:16 AM
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  1. BNDKPNTR's Avatar
    Cool prize :)
    02-02-2016 06:20 PM
  2. Kumar Gaurav's Avatar
    I'm happy with the latest build. Now I want a 950 XL :p
    02-02-2016 06:23 PM
  3. nehamahi's Avatar
    Woul you let me win this?
    02-02-2016 06:25 PM
  4. CoatsyJnr's Avatar
    I do need a new phone. Mine 920 just recently got a craked screen
    02-02-2016 06:25 PM
  5. Ken Tebo's Avatar
    I would show it off to the world. There are more choices besides iOS and Android.
    02-02-2016 06:26 PM
  6. FXi2's Avatar
    I want it because I'd use it 20 hours a day and it'd be sweet if it came in black :)
    02-02-2016 06:30 PM
  7. april1dorlarpor's Avatar
    For it's productivity,memory space and others by the way I <3 Microsoft and I'm always persuading friends to dump android for it... For the love of Microsoft
    02-02-2016 06:30 PM
  8. Meng Tsu Huang's Avatar
    well....just right on time for me as I wanted to upgrade from my Lumia 1020 already
    02-02-2016 06:32 PM
  9. nabua27's Avatar
    Good luck to everyone! I hope I win
    02-02-2016 06:32 PM
  10. PhantomRex's Avatar
    This would be such a great piece to own :)
    02-02-2016 06:33 PM
  11. Heine Kristensen's Avatar
    Its got my name on it! :D
    02-02-2016 06:37 PM
  12. jamssx's Avatar
    Let's go for it!
    02-02-2016 06:37 PM
  13. RobyX Leon's Avatar
    Hope i'll win <3 <3 <3
    02-02-2016 06:37 PM
  14. NMCynthia's Avatar
    Oh man ... I'd love to get this as a present for my husband (who has an iPhone and doesn't like it!) Would get one of those awesome-looking Mozo backs for it! Then I'd have to figure out how to get it to work on Verizon :-(
    02-02-2016 06:38 PM
  15. LillWicke's Avatar
    Smartphones Smartphones on the Wall, Lumia 950XL Is the Fairest of Them All.

    This Lumia 950XL with a Mozo shell would be perfekt for me.
    02-02-2016 06:40 PM
  16. wrystr's Avatar
    Hell yess... I want this phone so much!
    02-02-2016 06:43 PM
  17. Alyeldiin's Avatar
    If I win this one I won't join the contest to win a free Surface Phone. k I'm lying but I'll think about it.
    02-02-2016 06:43 PM
  18. Kenrick95's Avatar
    :) :) good luck, have fun
    02-02-2016 06:43 PM
  19. Rupert Holmes's Avatar
    I sent the first one back as vote against the lack features in the OS, but a free one would okay to play with Continuum.
    02-02-2016 06:44 PM
  20. copjake's Avatar
    I want to win it because my 1520 is in bad shape
    02-02-2016 06:44 PM
  21. rahool360's Avatar
    wow, I say!!!! I really need to step up my smartphone game, what best way to do it with a lumia 950xl..... so best of luck to everyone, but hopeful to win myself!!! :)
    02-02-2016 06:44 PM
  22. Dn Bianco's Avatar
    great! I hope I can win!
    02-02-2016 06:44 PM
  23. Elvis7's Avatar
    Good luck all, but I do have an 80% chance of winning... :P
    02-02-2016 06:44 PM
  24. Dusan Randj's Avatar
    I want 950 because I need new hardware, could live with OS.
    02-02-2016 06:44 PM
  25. rodrigor08's Avatar
    Boa sorte pra todos, mas eu quero ganhar!!
    Good luck to all, but i want to win!!
    02-02-2016 06:44 PM
5,241 ... 3435363738 ...

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