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    Nest (www.nest.com) makes the popular ‘connected’ smart-thermostat that allows users to control the weather inside their homes remotely, and it’s quickly becoming the poster child for the wired future, where all our appliances ‘talk’ to our phones. Recently, Google acquired the connected technologies company for $3.2 billion. Much has been made of the deal, but what concerns Windows Phone users most is whether or not they will ever see an official app for their phones.
    In the past, we’ve seen unofficial apps grace our Windows Phones, only to have them yanked from us via a Cease and Desist (C&D) letter from the Nest lawyers. That’s made owning and developing these apps a precarious venture, though we’re happy to see another creator take the plunge.
    But this situation is a bit different and more importantly, through a special partnership with Windows Phone Central, the app is free for 24-hours.

    Full story from the WPCentral blog...
    01-15-2014 12:40 PM
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    Useful for those with this heating system.
    01-17-2014 06:51 PM

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