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    Microsoft’s quarterly reported ending in December 31 has been released today with the company reporting $24.52 billion in revenue. That’s up from last year’s record-breaking $21.5 billion, meaning Microsoft continues to deliver the goods to investors.
    The devil’s in the details though, and Microsoft sheds a little light on where their money is coming in and where it’s declining.
    First up is Surface sales. Microsoft is still not budging on releasing specific sales numbers of the devices, but rather is reporting on just revenue. There the number for FY14 Q2 comes in at $893 million, doubled from the previous quarter’s reported $400 million number. On first blush, that’s a positive bit of news but without firm numbers on number of units sold, it’s hard to really appreciate. What can be said is that the Surface is at least gaining in popularity, though we’re hard pressed to call it a ‘hit’ just yet.

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    01-23-2014 04:40 PM

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