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    That WhatsApp messaging service has been on a roll lately with updates, support and bringing the features people want. On the side, they also have their private beta, where they bring online new features (though most of the time it’s just non-disclosed bug fixes). It’s been quiet on the feature front lately, but this morning, we have a report that version 2.11.366 beta has been pushed out to testers with a new tool.
    Under settings, users in the beta testing group will find a ‘media autodownload’ selector, pushing that number up to six, along with text size, lock screen, screen rotation, blocked contacts and backup. Media Autodownload is an extension of the app’s ability to automatically save videos and photos to the camera library. Up until this point, media was saved automatically, regardless of a user’s connection.

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    01-24-2014 09:00 AM

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