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    Asus and Intel have been working together to combine two experiences - Windows and Android. This enables tablets and other form factors to run Windows and then Android, depending on which mode has been enabled by the user. Asus presented the TD300*at CES 2014, but now Digitimes reports that the company is postponing launch plans due to pressure from Google.

    Full story from the WPCentral blog...
    03-09-2014 12:40 PM
  2. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    That a shame would have been interesting to see if it would take off.
    03-09-2014 12:42 PM
  3. Michael Alan Goff's Avatar
    Oh look, Google possibly being anticompetitive.

    I'm sure they'll be punished for this...
    03-09-2014 02:34 PM
  4. rex.reyesiii's Avatar
    Microsoft/Nokia should just license their Forked version to Asus or others who are interested... IF its allowed offcourse. :D
    03-11-2014 09:12 AM

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