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    Our forums here at Windows Phone Central can be considered the breath and soul of the site itself; a place where fellow "Microsofties" can talk about the technology they hold dearest. In a post this week, WPCentral*Member Dallas Gaston asks whether he should grab an Xbox One to pair with his Windows 8.1 Desktop, Surface 2 Pro, and Nokia Lumia 1520 or grab a PlayStation as he always has in the past.
    Dallas states that he is a fan of the PlayStation and wants to know if there are any benefits to picking up an Xbox One. Will jumping into the Xbox One “streamline” the experience across all of his devices? In addition, Dallas is not an “avid gamer” and tells us that he will spend most of his time on Netflix and possibly using the Xbox One’s HDMI pass-through ability.

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    03-14-2014 02:50 PM
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    03-14-2014 03:36 PM
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    IMO you'd have to be crazy or have some major disposable income to drop $500 on a box that you'll use primarily for video. As suggested a Roku would be a much better deal. Skype and the occasional casual game can be handled on a PC. No need to buy an expensive additional system for that sort of thing.

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    03-14-2014 03:49 PM

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