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    My Nokia Lumia 1520 is the perfect size device and everything else is just too small. Picking up a Lumia 1020 feels ridiculous and borrowing a friend’s Apple iPhone 5S to make a call feels like a joke. As the smartphone market evolves, I am no longer the only person to find a love for the “extra-large” phone. In a world where a 3.5” display was once gorgeous, 4.5” is the new standard and 5.5” is the future.

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    03-18-2014 02:20 PM
  2. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Yes the future!
    03-18-2014 02:39 PM
  3. qwertyaa's Avatar
    As I see the 4.3 was the standart in 2011 y. Personally I hate larged size phones. They are really hard to carry in the pocket. I hope the 4.3-4.5 size to remain the standard for flagships.
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    03-18-2014 02:57 PM
  4. BobLobIaw's Avatar
    I have an L920 and it is starting to seem small. I very rarely hear people who actually own a 1520 say anything other than they love the size and can now never go back to a small phone. I find that perspective to be fairly compelling. Most of the detractors don't actually have a phablet and merely speculate that they wouldn't like one. I find that perspective less compelling.
    03-18-2014 03:00 PM
  5. Alain_A's Avatar
    I had the Note 3 -- 5.7" this was a bit big for me although was fun to watch movie on it ( bigger the better ) to a certain point..Now, I would like the next one not to be bigger than 5.5"...to be comfortable with it.
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    03-20-2014 02:12 AM
  6. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    While I now consider phablets mainstream devices, I really can't see myself getting around to using one.

    I mean, I'm fine with using an S4 or Icon (or any 5" device, for that matter), sure, but it doesn't mean that I'll ever get comfortable with it.

    Besides, phablets are normally thin - and I prefer thick phones - and the word sounds...undignified.
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    03-20-2014 02:51 AM

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