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    With news winding down this week, I figured I would kick off a new segment on our site. The idea was brought up in our forums and itís a simple idea that I like: What apps are on the WPCentralís staff Start screen?
    Itís an interesting question, as it gives you a peek into what apps we use the most, what apps we consider essential and overall layout/design choices. Granted, many of you have probably taken notice when I do videos of whatís on my screen, but today I figured Iíd actually list out whatís there and why.
    Later on, weíll have our other site writers chime in and share their screens too, in the hopes to facilitate discussion and maybe youíll learn about a new app! How often we do this will depend on how often we change things on our displays, so thatís up in the air. Letís dive in!

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    03-21-2014 03:10 PM
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    Great idea! Infact was just thinking bout this a few days back, and i'm taking the liberty to share a few screen shots of my own start screen :)

    This is a great opportunity to really understand how Windows Phone offers a "truly personalised" start screen / home experience...and to learn best practices from others :)

    While i dont have a fancy start screen, i've gone thru a variety of iterations.. and now use a functional start screen...that while bordering on boring, still does its job..
    At the top i've my calender (have my office meetings etc), with the basic phone functions - sms (yup we still use these! :P), call (use Rapid Dialer primarily), whatsapp.. settings , browser, emails, and one note for cross platform notes.. (across my laptops, ipads, mobiles etc)
    Then have maps, nokia mix radio (which is very nifty - in the subcontinent), quick flashlight, nokia conf (auto dial).. etc

    Then i've got my battery tile (to tell me if i'm running out of juice), a bunch of folders (yup this is too slow for freq use, but still usable), shazam, calc, games etc.. The photos tile ads a dash of colour, along with the people tile..
    Then a bunch of entertainment / navigation apps..followed by phone search, news, and access to quick settings - wifi, bt, data, screen lock etc..

    The last section is a place for temp tiles while i'm trying out new tiles..or any temp tiles that i'd attach..


    PS: you may notice a lack of gaming tiles on my start screen.. i have the kids corner renamed and have all my gaming tiles and a few other entertainment apps there:)
    Thought i'd also extend this out to lock screens too! (have all my std notifications - battery, calls, messages, whatsapp, email etc)

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    03-21-2014 04:10 PM

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