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    Windows Phone 8.1 has brought a lot of new features, most of which we detailed in our massive review and overview. Now, were picking up the crumbs with all the little improvements.
    Word Flow is what Microsoft calls their keyboard technology, which also now includes Shape writing. Word Flow has the best auto-complete and text prediction engines around, but how do you capitalize a word when using Shape writing?
    Shape writing is the new swipe keyboard feature that allows you draw the word instead of touch-typing. Simply drag your finger across the display to each letter and let the Word Flow keyboard do the rest. But it may not be clear how to capitalize a word that is not in the dictionary for auto-complete. Swiping to the shift key doesnt work. Luckily, Microsoft has you covered. You don't want to miss this tip!

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    04-19-2014 02:50 PM

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