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    Microsoft is running a promotion where buyers of new Nokia Lumia smartphones will be treated to $65 worth of free content. The promotion, which runs through spring in 39 countries worldwide, offers owners of newly purchased Lumia Icon, 1020, or 1520 phone $40 of Gameloft titles as well as a $25 Xbox voucher.

    Full story from the WPCentral blog...
    05-08-2014 02:50 PM
  2. Guytronic's Avatar

    These freebie promotions are the best advertisements for the WP/Nokia devices.
    Hope these deals keep coming.
    Haven't paid out of pocket for an app in a while now.
    05-08-2014 03:17 PM
  3. jmaudi0's Avatar
    has anyone been able to get the promo working with a Lumia Icon? I can't download the app....
    05-09-2014 07:59 AM
  4. anon5954042's Avatar
    The Gameloft games download just fine but I can't download the gift voucher app.
    05-10-2014 09:51 PM
  5. Vastustaa's Avatar
    I own an Icon and I have come to the conclusion that the cake is indeed a lie.

    Sent from my RM-927_nam_vzw_100 using Tapatalk
    05-10-2014 09:56 PM
  6. Darkgift's Avatar
    Its working on the Icon now.
    05-13-2014 09:08 PM

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