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    We usually try to spread our console coverage out a bit since we know some of our readers donít play console games. But a batch of exciting Xbox One games have been announced within the last day, and that doesnít fit in the same article as an Elder Scrolls Online delay. So letís turn those MMO frowns upside down by concentrating on these games that will arrive on Xbox One within the next few months!
    First up, Ubisoft will be bringing a striking adventure game called Valiant Hearts: the Great War to Xbox One and 360 on June 25th. Shortly thereafter, VooFoo Studios and Ripstone will release Pure Pool Ė the first pool game on Xbox One. Jumping forward to Fall, Alaska-based Upper One Games and E-Line Media have a puzzle platformer called Never Alone in store for Xbox One. Details and trailers after the break!

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    05-08-2014 05:00 PM

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