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    VAIO was the popular line of computers by Sony, which was sold earlier this year. The brand has returned as an independent PC manufacturer, launching two 'new' Windows 8 laptops today. While touted as new, the debut range offered by the newly formed VAIO are actually identical to the old Sony Prop and Fit models. What's more is you'll not be able to purchase one unless you reside in Japan. VAIO will be focusing on the Japanese market prior to rolling out units worldwide.

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    07-01-2014 06:42 AM
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    I got this one for my dad yesterday.
    Sony VAIO 11.6" 2in1 TouchScreen Laptop Intel Pentium 4GB Memory 128GB Solid State Drive SVT11213CXB - Best Buy

    It's pretty nifty. It's a little slow when compared to tablets like the Surface, but I was impressed with the pen for such an inexpensive device. I guess it's an N-Trig like the Surface Pro 3 uses. I did notice the improved accuracy around the edges. I also noticed that you have to push a little too hard to get lines going. I also had to get the pen pretty close to the screen before it started detecting the pen. Then I'd still get a random stroke appearing out of nowhere. I think it may be due to me lifting the pen from the screen a little too high sometimes so that my palm was detected for a split second, and then when I brought the pen back down it drew a line from where it saw my palm to where it thinks the pen tip is. (and when hovering, the cursor isn't exactly accurate)

    But for the price, it seemed pretty nifty. My dad isn't a power user. He just wanted a computer/tablet that he could also sketch with.
    07-10-2014 12:33 PM

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