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    Windows Phone Central App Roundup: Photography Apps

    While it may be a coin toss as to which genre of apps, weather or photo, are more numerous in the Windows Phone Store there is little doubt that we are fortunate to have plenty of quality choices with both.
    I have got several photography apps installed on my Windows Phone and this week's roundup is going to focus on some of my favorite photo editors. These are photo apps that I have found helpful for quick fixes of photos as well as apps that can add a creative flair to images.
    Now before you pass out the pitch forks and torches, there are plenty of photo apps out there that are solid Windows Phone apps such as Fhotoroom, Nokia's Creative Studio, , ProShot, Phototastic and even Fantasia Painter. While these are all quality apps, the apps in this week's roundup are ones that I currently find myself using with regularity.

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    09-20-2014 09:11 AM

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