12-17-2014 11:58 AM
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  1. Sam Sabri's Avatar

    This week we're going to go out and capture sunset with our Windows Phones for the weekly photo contest. Our very first photo contest started way back in July! The theme then was sunrise and a lot of you wanted to see a sunset theme at some point in the future. As 2014 winds to a close I figured we better sneak in a sunrise contest. So let's do that this week.


    Sunset is that time of day when the sun disappears below the horizon. It's the end of the day and the start of the night. The sun is slowly setting on 2014 so we're going to look for your best sunset photos. If your photo has the green flash you might automatically just be that winner. Joking, but that's a very cool optical phenomena if you happen to catch it.
    The sunset above was captured by yours truly on my Lumia 1520. It's from a recent trip up the California coast. Lightly edited in Photoshop Express for Windows Phone.


    Rules are going to be just like last week. Here they are:

    • Picture must be taken with a Windows Phone
    • Picture must be uploaded to the contest thread (linked below)
    • You have to tell us what device you used to take the picture, and any special software or apps you might have used. Editing your pictures is fine, this is art
    • Feel free to add a little back story, we want to know how the picture came to be
    • You must have used a valid email address to register here at Windows Central, so I know how to contact the winner
    • Only ONE entry per week per person

    How to use Tapatalk to post images in the Windows Central forums


    We're going to continue our social experiment from last week. Share any pictures you take for the contest on Instagram, Twitter and Fhotoroom using the following hashtags. It's a fun way to at a glance check out your competition and get inspiration. Plus we're building a community of Windows Phone mobile photographers!

    Here's how it looks this week.

    • #WCpc
    • #SunsetWC

    This doesn't count as your entry; it's just a fun way to track the photos on social media. Your entry still needs to be in the forums!


    One winner will get a $25 gift card to the Windows Phone Store. You can use it to buy apps and games in the Windows Phone Store, Windows Store or Xbox Store.
    We'll pick a winner Tuesday night (December 16) at 11:59 PM ET. Winners will be announced in a blog post for the contest next week.

    Good luck and have fun!
    12-11-2014 04:16 PM
  2. Scipio Magnus's Avatar
    I love taking photos of sunsets and sunrises. This was taken with my Lumia 1020 at a local lake during a walk.


    I keep getting error #2038 when I try to upload an image.
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    12-11-2014 04:28 PM
  3. anon(5872827)'s Avatar
    taken with lumia 925 with lumia cam
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    12-11-2014 04:34 PM
  4. mzoslater's Avatar
    wp_20140621_21_36_18_pro_edited-1.jpgMy sunset.
    Lumia 1520 Nokia camera , edited with adobe Photoshop express.
    12-11-2014 04:37 PM
  5. Stanleyb41's Avatar
    This is a view of my Royal Air Force colleagues in Dubai a few weeks ago, whilst on a bit of downtime after taking the last British troops out of Kandahar, Afghanistan. It just so happened there was an air display happening. Taken with my Lumia 925 and it hasn't been edited. Hope you enjoy.
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20141129_12_42_52_pro.jpg  
    12-11-2014 04:39 PM
  6. itsmewasim's Avatar
    Model : Nokia Lumia 720.
    When i was bored and had nothing to do. I saw the sky and my phone.. I felt i should capture this.. :) edited with camera360
    12-11-2014 04:45 PM
  7. David Strome's Avatar

    This was taken with a Lumia 1020 a couple weeks ago. I was waiting in line at the Peace Arch border crossing. Took it while sitting in line, with one hand, leaning across the seat and out the passenger-side window. :) Just a really pretty end to the day. No editing. Straight from the phone.
    12-11-2014 04:46 PM
  8. Reynaldo Navedo's Avatar
    Maryland Mariners Point Park in the evening. Edited with Afterlight. Thanks.
    Attached Thumbnails 3002ba9.jpg  
    12-11-2014 04:50 PM
  9. rQvsnaps's Avatar
    1020, bracketing +/-2 EV, lightroom edits
    Just messing around with bracketing while waiting :)
    12-11-2014 04:51 PM
  10. Romulo_Ferreira's Avatar

    Taken from my own window :) in Stuttgart, Germany. Shot with my Lumia 925 and slightly edited with BeFunky Editor.
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    12-11-2014 04:52 PM
  11. msirapian's Avatar

    The title is : "Sunset and Moonrise on Viekijärvi"

    This was shot at Viekijärvi, in Finland, this summer. 3 pictures captured with the Nokia Lumia 1020, stitched with autopano giga (it was a nightmare to mix the different exposures). Finally processed in Darktable.

    EDIT: For those who want to see the original (the forum limitations don't do justice to my picture ^_^), it's here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/n8_massis/15051506485/
    12-11-2014 04:53 PM
  12. Arun PR's Avatar
    Taken using Nokia Lumia 620 from Hawk Hill, SFO during the ThanksGiving holiday trip.
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    12-11-2014 04:55 PM
  13. idokamaroq's Avatar
    Taken on my 920 somewhere in Idaho last winter. Not edited
    12-11-2014 04:57 PM
  14. mudrilaci's Avatar
    A forest walk on the way home i was shot of my little Nokia Lumia 520! :D
    12-11-2014 04:57 PM
  15. nasellok's Avatar
    Shot on the annual Manhattanhenge (the date where the sun sets on the NYC Manhattan street grid). Taken with a Lumia Icon, using Lumia Camera app, edited in Lumia Creative Studio.
    12-11-2014 04:58 PM
  16. Nandaccio's Avatar

    Island of Ortygia - Syracuse (Sicily - Italy)

    Taken with a Lumia 720 (Nokia Camera) then processed with Creative Studio.
    12-11-2014 04:58 PM
  17. Bogdan V's Avatar

    used lightroom and photomatix for hdr .taken with lumia 1020 in Ranca,Romania.

    12-11-2014 05:03 PM
  18. dwarfsize's Avatar
    This Photo was taken on my first date with my girlfriend, in May a year and a half ago. We had decided to go for a walk along the train tracks and heard a train coming, so I decided It would be cool to put some coins on the tracks. This is still one of my favourite photos, it reminds me so much of our first date. I used a Lumia 920, and edited it with Lumia Creative Studio.
    12-11-2014 05:05 PM
  19. Scott McBurney's Avatar
    Here is a sunset I captured in my back yard with my Lumia 920 a while back. No editing or post processing whatsoever. I looked out my patio door one evening, saw this view, and had to snap a few photos.

    12-11-2014 05:06 PM
  20. franas596's Avatar
    This photo was taken when my family and I were looking for a place to watch the sunset so we decided to stop in this beautiful beach in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Just when we arrived the sunset was starting so I took my Nokia Lumia 920 out of my pants and started shooting. Taken with Lumia Camera and edited with Photoshop Express.
    Attached Thumbnails wp_ss_20140920_0001.jpg  
    12-11-2014 05:06 PM
  21. Ali Rahman1's Avatar
    Lumia 620 - Lahore, Pakistan - Edited on Adobe Photoshop Express.

    12-11-2014 05:07 PM
  22. Manuel1997's Avatar
    Taken in Vienna on a long evening with friends on my Lumia 920 :)
    Attached Thumbnails fb_20141211_23_06_21_saved_picture.jpg  
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    12-11-2014 05:09 PM
  23. Korbea Pleataneagra's Avatar
    Taken with a Lumia 520, edited in Lumia Creative Studio.
    The end of a cold October day, caught from a hilltop.
    12-11-2014 05:13 PM
  24. arnark's Avatar
    Taken in Iceland. Reykjavik pond :) edit in photoshop. And taken with Lumia 930

    12-11-2014 05:15 PM
  25. gabrielleMdover's Avatar
    Evening drive in the Inland Empire of Southern California. Taken with Lumia 1520 and edits in 6tag for instagram. Sutro filter.
    12-11-2014 05:15 PM
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