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    If you enjoy long, drawn out games then city builder games can be a great option for your Windows Phone gaming library. These time management games call on you to build up a city from scratch and often include a number of missions your growing community will have to conquer.
    There is a vast selection of city builder styled games in the Windows Phone Store and we've plucked a few of the top rated choices to highlight in this week's roundup. We have cityscapes ranging from those where dragons rule the skies to those that will take you to the Dark Side. These games take the original city builder concept that most of us learned about through SimCity and takes it up a notch by adding combat/action elements into the mix.
    As with all of your roundups, we try to highlight several Windows and Windows Phone titles that might spark an interest with our readers. However, we cannot touch on all the fantastic apps and games in the Stores so we will rely on you guys and gals to fill in the gaps. If we've overlooked your favorite city building game, feel free to toss out your recommendations in the comments below.

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    04-25-2015 09:00 AM

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