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    I lost count a long time ago how many Windows Phone apps and games I've reviewed and often scratch my head when people complain that the Windows Phone Store is lacking quality titles. For me, the Windows Phone Store is full of quality titles and the gaming aisles are no exception. There may be a few titles missing, but I just don't see the drought that some are clamoring about. Keep in mind that I view mobile gaming as something to help you pass shorter bits of time with, as opposed to console games (Xbox One, 360, etc.) that are great for wasting entire afternoons or overnight hours with.
    Sure, there are exceptions but for the most part gaming from our Windows Phones helps you survive the car pool line, restaurant waits, lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles or just plain old spells of boredom. Over the years I've run across a boat load of games well suited to help you pass the time. For this week's roundup I have pulled together a small sampling of these games that I think you might enjoy. Some games will hold up to longer gaming spurts but if you need help getting past five minutes or so, I think these titles are good additions to your Windows Phone gaming library.
    As with all our roundups, if we have overlooked your favorite Windows Phone title there is nothing nefarious afoot. This week's collection are games I have found to be entertaining and if I have missed your favorite time waster of a game, speak up in the comments below.

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    05-16-2015 10:11 AM

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