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    We've all been there. Maybe you're there now. You switch over to your email app and there's this tremendous stack of unread messages. Some are important to you, some to your boss, a lot are crap. Increasingly it seems all but impossible to keep on top of it all — which do you need to read? Which need an immediate response? Which can you just delete without even opening? It's like you can never win… but what if you could?

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    06-05-2015 02:00 PM
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    06-05-2015 02:42 PM
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    I thought Microsoft was already doing something about this?! Wasn't there an announcement recently?
    What is this, Windows Central, or Virtudyne?!
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    06-05-2015 04:10 PM
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    Email on WP is a JOKE. I truly hope Microsoft gets their act together for W10M.
    06-05-2015 04:15 PM
  5. stevemind's Avatar
    Why is it a joke? Works ok for me...been using win10 and it works well( very similar to maestro email).
    06-05-2015 04:33 PM
  6. Loco5150's Avatar
    Why is it a joke? Works ok for me...been using win10 and it works well( very similar to maestro email).
    Are you trolling? :D

    The list is endless... Cant edit emails when forwarding. A VERY SERIOUS problem, I probably dont have to give you an exmple.

    As Office365 user I am primarly using Exchange email from Microsoft. I have a one inbox where I get my personal and work emails. HOW IN THE HELL WE CANT SELECT AN ALIAS when sending emails??? This is INSANE from Microsoft really.

    Also as probaly many others Im organizing emails to subfolders in the server side. Its a very nice design that we cant receive notifications from those emails. Microsoft must have thought that only subfolders people have are spam and whatnot. Bunch of idiots really, and im sad to say this.

    I have just received an video via email. I would like to open it in to movie maker, edit and share it. How do I do this?

    This list is just endless. Sure, you can recieve and send emails but as an "smart phone" or "business smart phone" its a ******* joke.
    06-06-2015 06:13 AM

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