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    My generation grew up with crayons and coloring books to help us survive those long road trips or painful waits at the restaurant. Today, many children have the benefit of mobile electronic devices (either their own or snatching their parent's) such as Windows tablets and Windows Phones to keep them occupied. As a bonus, these devices likely save parents from a barrage of "Are we there yet?" type questions. The Windows 10 Store has a wide selection of games available that will not only help your children pass the time but may also help teach them a thing or two.
    Some of these games are straightforward in their educational value, while others sneak the lesson beneath the guise of a colorful game. For this roundup will spotlight a small sampling of the top rated games in the Family and Kids category of the Windows 10 Store.
    More than likely, we have overlooked someone's favorite children's game. No need to panic and ask "What about (insert your favorite game title)!" We cannot cover all the top rated children's games in the Store and here is where we count on you for help. If we have missed your favorite children's game, speak up in the comments below with your recommendation. We do take note of these recommendations and will keep them in mind for future roundups or possibly individual reviews.

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    08-21-2015 07:11 AM

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