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    Adapting console games to mobile platforms can be hard because of the inherent differences between physical and touch controls. Square Enix found a great solution with Hitman GO, which turned the stealth- and assassination-based gameplay of the Hitman series into a clever turn-based puzzle game.
    Last week, Square Enix followed up with a sequel called Lara Croft GO. The new game adds a Tomb Raider spin to its predecessor's formula, with new elements like climbing and more realistic visuals. Lara Croft GO launched on Windows Phone and Windows 8 and 10 alongside Android and iOS.
    We recently interviewed Francis Pétrin, the Square Enix Montréal programmer in charge of porting and certifying the game on Windows platforms. Don't miss our detailed interview!

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    09-05-2015 09:11 AM

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