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    There are some Windows 10 users who might have a lot of items in their Start menu. However, if those people have put in more than 512 items in the menu, there's a known issue that will cause it to "eat" those apps or crash a lot

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    09-16-2015 10:42 AM
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    Thought I'd test this and to be honest found nothing of concern there is only a delay off a few seconds and this delay only happens once after a cold boot, warm boot or signing (this is running off a 850 EV0 SSD).

    Screenshots below:
    Folder contents of the duplicated folder. as file size wasn't mentioned as factor.

    Copied a folder to the start menu\programs dir and it didn't appear:

    But short cuts do appear if they are made outside of this directory:

    Trying to create a shortcut inside the directory results in the following:

    So duplicated the folder shown in the first screenshot and created shortcuts:

    Copied them into the directory:

    This is what happens (occurred after signing out, same result with a cold boot, warm boot and signing out - but it only occurs once):


    Beyond that everything else works fine and there is no abnormal behaviour.

    This test was done on a near clean install (installed last night) with the latest updates and only display drivers {leshcat} installed manually everything else is running on generic drivers.

    I imagine this only applies to installed Win32 items as they create additional registry entries whereas store installs don't generate as much "digital litter" when compared to Win32 installs.

    Edit: Also thought I'd check with a folder containing a lot of files and folders (with 632,000 files + 2,448 folders to be exact) and no problems what so ever.
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    09-16-2015 01:24 PM

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