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    Ever have one of those dreams that you are running down a hallway and suddenly begin an endless fall? Take that image and then turn yourself into a sheep and you come close to describing the Windows Phone game Sheep Dreams Are Made of This.
    You find yourself stuck inside someone's dream and have to help him escape the nightmare's grasp buy guiding a sheep across an endless supply of platforms. You have eight hours to complete your mission, waking up the man from his sleep. After that, you start the game from scratch.
    Graphics are unique to say the least and reminds me of a Monty Python cartoon or maybe something out of the Beetle's Yellow Submarine. Game play is challenging, not only in the mechanics but also in figuring out what you have to do. Sheep Dreams Are Made of This may not be everyone's cup of tea and the ad-support is simply irritating. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a game that is outside the box, you will want to try this Windows Phone title.

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    09-24-2015 07:00 AM

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