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    Most Xbox One owners probably use Microsoft's console at home, seldom moving it to different locations. If you do travel with your Xbox much, you'll probably want the convenience and security of a specialized bag like the CTA Digital Xbox One Case. But even that would only hold a console and a few accessories. You'd still need a monitor to actually play the console when you reach your destination.
    Redmond, WA-based manufacturer GAEMS has the perfect accessory for people who want to transport a console *and* monitor. The GAMES Vanguard Black Edition is a hard-plastic case that holds not only an Xbox One or other console, it also packs a 19-inch monitor with stereo speakers all in one unit.
    The true test of the Vanguard's worth is twofold. How well does it carry and protect the console, and will the monitor's picture and sound provide a satisfactory gaming experience? Read our detailed review with video to find out!

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    10-03-2015 01:30 PM

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