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    As expected, on October 26th, Microsoft began shipping its new Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 in a few countries, including the United States and Canada. Along with the new devices, the company also began shipping the new accessories, such as the new Type Cover and the Type Cover with Fingerprint ID, the Microsoft Surface Dock, and the improved Surface Pen, accessories that are also compatible with Surface Pro 3.

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    10-27-2015 03:42 PM
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    SP4 easily. I'm not at all convinced by the Surface Book's form factor and as a 1st gen device, feel it could have issues. My biggest concern is with the hinge.

    1) Can't rotate keyboard all the way back (like Yogas) so it seems fiddly to have to unclip, turn and clip back on (especially as the key you need to press is on the keyboard, which is now the wrong way around)
    2) The gap created by the hinge between the keyboard and the screen not only adds thickness but is bound to allow a lot of dust and worse, other objects to find their way in potentially scratching the screen. Why can't they make a device where the lid closes flush, like everyone else?
    3) Too flipping expensive! Seriously, it's super expensive, and for a 1st gen with the above issues, I think a bit of a cheek really.
    4) If you use the selector on the Surface website, unless you're doing major video editing, Microsoft recommends the SP4 over the Book anyway. Go figure.

    11-12-2015 06:20 PM

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