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11-23-2015 09:45 PM
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  1. Jez Corden's Avatar

    Welcome to our latest Windows Central Photo Contest. This week's competition focuses on nature! We want to see your best nature snaps for a chance to win an 64 GB SanDisk Micro SDXC memory card, perfect for the upcoming Lumia 950 and 950 XL!

    The pictures must be taken on a Windows Phone, and follow the nature theme. It can be pictures of autumnal trees, seaside vacation snaps, your favourite local nature trail, or from the top of a mountain! Be as creative as possible and you could win!

    Here are the rules for this week's contest:

    - You must use a Windows Phone to take your picture.
    - You have to tell us what device you used to take the picture, and any photo editing software or apps you might have used. Altering your pictures is fine, be creative!
    - Please add a paragraph describing your photograph, we want to know how your picture came to be! If you have an Instagram feed or any other photography portfolio profile, feel free to link those for the community as well.
    - You must have used a valid email address to register here at Windows Central so that we can contact the winner.
    - We'll only accept ONE entry per person.
    - You must upload your picture to the contest forum thread.



    One lucky winner will earn a SanDisk 64GB Ultra microSDXC, fully compatible with the upcoming Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL and indeed any tablet or phone that supports SDXC memory cards.

    "Perfect for today's high-performance smartphone and tablet users, SanDisk Ultra cards deliver faster transfer speeds of up to 30MB/s for faster multi-tasking and app response times. Plus, get twice the speed for shooting photos and Full HD video with a Class 10 rating (class 6 for lower capacities)."

    • Highest Full HD video recording performance available with class 6 and class 10 rating
    • 2x the speed of typical microSD cards for advanced photo capture
    • Faster app performance with transfer speeds up to 30MB/s
    • UHS-I enabled and ready for the next generation of mobile devices
    • Water-proof, temperature proof, X-ray proof, shock proof

    Thanks for all of your amazing entries. We're now picking the winner, so stay tuned to the main site! I'll update this post with the winning entry too. :)

    Update: The winners were announced over here: http://www.windowscentral.com/announ...contest-nature- Congrats!

    **May the best lens win!**
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    11-16-2015 05:28 PM
  2. RumoredNow's Avatar
    OMG... I just shot this about a week ago with my BLU Win HD LTE. Camera360 Sight. Full auto. No post shot edit.

    My mother-in-law's yard reflected in her gazing orb. I was out and about snapping pics to practice with the camera on BLU. I took quite a few shots, but believe this one came out best. And best of all it is unretouched so it shows the camera module on BLU can take nice pics.

    11-16-2015 05:35 PM
  3. Derausgewanderte's Avatar
    Lake Louise on November 10. Was at a conference in Canada. Sessions in the morning and free time for hiking in the afternoon. Beautiful area and very lucky with weather. Lumia 640XL - Zero editing, no special effects.
    11-16-2015 05:49 PM
  4. erzhik's Avatar
    Shot this with my 1520 on my honeymoon in Maui few months ago. No editing, took it while I was resting on a hammock, it was an absolutely perfect weather. Using it as my desktop wallpaper now.

    11-16-2015 05:52 PM
  5. Sunandan Mahant's Avatar
    I shot this on Lumia 930! Used 6Tag's filter Lo-Fi. It was clicked while I was on trek to Khir Ganga, Parvati Valley. Though it is autumn but the greenery was all around us. There were few places where trees' yellow, red and green leaves gave beautiful view of the valley. At the end of the trek we took bath in hot spring, the temperature around fell below zero degrees Celsius. 12244642_943362055740589_7183066327208492593_o.jpg
    11-16-2015 05:58 PM
  6. ombreman's Avatar
    Nokia Lumia 730. No edit at all. :) Karst lake Krim, picture was taken, when i was waiting there for one girl...
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    11-16-2015 05:59 PM
  7. Tomasz Seta's Avatar
    I took that photo last spring with my Lumia 1020. I was just trying to make a macro shot of this dandelion and then this little guy came up. No edits.

    11-16-2015 06:01 PM
  8. Daniel Gilbert M's Avatar
    I wish there was a technology to reproduce what our naked eyes could see and save what our brains render.

    So here is a little piece of nature frozen in time by my 640XL.
    Took the photo while taking a coffee break on a long drive.

    Lumia Panorama
    Lumia Creative Studio

    11-16-2015 06:02 PM
  9. cjloyola's Avatar
    @Mt. Balagbag, Rizal, Philippines

    Lumia 720
    Lumia Camera

    11-16-2015 06:13 PM
  10. Brett397's Avatar
    I took this picture on a river near Pittsburgh Pa. I was driving around the area while it was raining and I saw the fog just under the tree line and thought that it would be a great photo.

    The image was taken on a Lumia 925 and there was no editing done.

    11-16-2015 06:18 PM
  11. GGZCS's Avatar
    Nokia Lumia 830
    L'Isle-Adam, FRANCE
    11-16-2015 06:23 PM
  12. Wpbass's Avatar
    Had taken this picture while taking my dog for a walk on November 3rd. It was 60 degrees Fahrenheit in Wisconsin! We usually start seeing snow around this time of year!

    Taken with my Lumia 1520 and Lumia Camera (Rich Capture)
    11-16-2015 06:26 PM
  13. Albert Galang's Avatar
    I took this photo using my Microsoft Lumia 535. This photo was taken at San Fernando City, Philippines. I edited it using Lumia Creative Studio.
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    11-16-2015 06:55 PM
  14. Iacopo Pace's Avatar
    Took during a lovely day spent on Angel Island, SF in September.
    I used my Lumia 930 with Rich Capture.
    11-16-2015 06:56 PM
  15. Giwan's Avatar
    So about a year ago I was heping my grandmother in her garden,
    when all of a sudden this beautiful damselfly strikes down on the stem of an anemone right in front of me.
    It was a little fresh outside, which is why it sat there for a little while, sunbathing.
    I looked at it for a few moments, after which I realized that I could maybe try to make a close-up of it.
    I was just in time grabbing my Phone to snag this picture:


    Notice the pterostigmata (the little orange colored segments of the wings),
    these segments are a little heavier then other parts of the wing which improves wing beat
    and helps increase gliding speeds.

    I used a lumia 1520 to take the picture.
    I might have used lumia creative studio, but honestly can't remember.
    I did use the photo's app in w10 to change the lighting just a little bit.
    Hope you like it.

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    11-16-2015 06:56 PM
  16. Jazmac's Avatar
    These are off to a good start. Nice work guys.
    11-16-2015 07:09 PM
  17. arjan wolthuis's Avatar

    an early morning in the Netherlands and when i was cyclying to school i felt like taking this picuture with my 520, a little editing done with lumia creative studio
    11-16-2015 07:12 PM
  18. shahzad165's Avatar
    Photo taken with HTC one M8 windows
    I was in my room at 4th floor when i open the window in evening i saw this its amazing beautiful sun �� setting in Punjab, Pakistan
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20151116_17_32_21_pro.jpg  
    11-16-2015 07:19 PM
  19. Temistocles's Avatar

    Device: Lumia 830
    As far as I remember, no editing.

    Was in the beach in a very hot summer day, when I stumbled upon this little guy. Taking a photo of him was a little bit tricky, as he was evasive, thinking we would hurt him, but the shot was quite nice at the end. The bright sun helped a lot with the quality!
    11-16-2015 07:19 PM
  20. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I was outside and just happened to notice the interesting cloud pattern above these trees. I took this with a Nokia Lumia 900. It is unedited.
    11-16-2015 07:34 PM
  21. lfilipemsantos's Avatar

    One of my cycling routes goes nearby this river, so one day I decided to take a shot, it's amazing.
    Nokia Lumia 830 :)
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    11-16-2015 07:39 PM
  22. Zachary Wilmes's Avatar
    Lumia ICON/929
    Taken with Lumia Camera, no editing done.
    We went down to Austin, Tx last month to visit family. While we were there we went to see the bats come out at Congress St. bridge in Austin. It's the largest urban bat colony in the world. That wisp of smoke drifting out of the bridge is actually tens of thousands of bats.
    11-16-2015 07:43 PM
  23. yashasveedilliwar's Avatar
    Taken with Lumia 830, no editing, an evening pic
    11-16-2015 07:57 PM
  24. Nitish_KSharma's Avatar
    This photo is of Gatineau Park in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. The image has been captured using Lumia 830. I am no pro and haven't used any post photo editing either. I captured a lot of images this day and earlier didn't give much attention to the images but when I was going through the pics on my PC, I noticed that some of them including this came out to be really good. I am using this as my background on booth PC and phone. I just love this photo. :) Hope you like it. I don't really use a lot of Instagram but I'll be uploading more photos now on. My insta id is nitish_ksharma
    11-16-2015 08:01 PM
  25. telomoyo's Avatar
    HTC 8XT no filter or touch up. I was at the parking lot at work waiting on a coworker, when I saw this lonely leaf with its drops of water. It caught my attention because of the sand grains gathered inside the water droplets. I will call it "Alone With My Grains." LOL
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20151110_005.jpg  
    11-16-2015 08:06 PM
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