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    Microsoft plans to expand its efforts to help make porting apps made for Apple's iOS to its own Windows 10 platforms. It released the first version of its Windows Bridge for iOS tools as an open source project in August.

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    11-18-2015 10:11 AM
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    For people who don't know the team at Microsoft working on this is really small. Read the posts in GitHub. The current version of the bridge is missing a huge amount of api from ios. And here is the killer part ....there is currently no support for win10 mobile because it only supports intel x86 processors at the moment. No ARM support. Only Mary Joe Foley seems to have picked up on this and reported it. How can they say universal app straight from your iOS code when the readme file on the bridge clearly states no ARM support? It doesn't stop there. The bridge is based on iOS 6 level API compatibility. Unless Microsoft throws some serious resources at this it will be years before it will actually be usable for developers and by the time its usable most of the code used by iOS developers wont actually support the bridge. Microsoft made it open source thinking that developers will actually invest their time to help them build it. Lets see how that works out.

    I really hope this situation changes in the next 2 quarters but I have a feeling that maybe Microsoft are actually planning for this bridge to become affective in time for when the real surface phone launches in a year from now which means that ARM compatibility will be promised but most likely never happen.

    Personally I don't care about any apps on iOS coming over to windows 10 mobile but only a fool would think that Microsoft can be horse number 3 in the mobile race if it doesn't have the apps that consumers expect on their mobile devices. All the consumer good will in the world cannot force a company to make decisions no matter how much they say we listen to our customers. It saddens me that the Lumia 950 XL is without doubt the best hardware in a phone in the market today and yet I cannot honestly recommend it any normal consumer because they will just look at the app store and say where are the apps? Imagine buying a Ferrari and not being able to drive it fast due to a speed limiter set at 30mph. It is a shame to say that the lack of apps actually has the same effect on the perceived consumer value of phones. But that's the world we live in today. I genuinely hope Microsoft prove me wrong and succeed because being stuck in an iOS and Android Duopoly is not good for consumers period.
    11-18-2015 03:00 PM

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