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    Advertising service AdDuplex has published the company's report for Windows Phone for the month of December, breaking down Redmond's mobile platform. Using a selection of apps, the company has been able to provide some data as to which handsets are more popular and who is rocking the latest OS release.

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    12-21-2015 04:50 AM
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    It seems that there are different Windows 10 mobile's firmware versions issued for previous Lumias which try to eliminate their features over the newly introduced Lumia 950.
    Specifically, Lumia 950' camera sensor size is very slightly bigger than that of Lumia 930, but is advertized as the best camera, while Lumia 930 users after updating their phone to Windows 10 mobile are complaining that the quality of photos taken are significantly lower, compare to that taken in Windows phone 8.1, and users are not allowed to install back the old Lumia Camera which is better. What is the cause?
    Another basic feature that is just available in Lumia 950, but has never been equipped in previous models - USB OTG. Such basic feature can be found in Nokia N8, 808,... which run Symbian, and also in all models of phones running Android. What specific detail of hardware which helps Lumia 950 having that feature rather than the previous Lumia models, or Microsoft doesn't want to update the feature for the others, except 950?
    If Microsoft is trying to press down the features of previous models in order to create opportunities for Lumia 950 to stand out, such activity could be considered as the wrong way for its development. As people who intend to buy 950 will be wondering about its future when Microsoft launches future model such as 960, 970, or 980,...Will it be suppressed like the previous ones?
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