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    Back in the day, Windows Phone users had an app called Play to from Nokia. The app let you stream media from your phone to any DLNA device, including the Xbox One. Like many things with Windows 10, however, Play to has been sidelined.
    Thankfully, developer Webrox (creators of Tubecast has a new app out that will do all of that and more! Playcast is now available for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 for PCs and tablets.

    We've been using Playcast for the last 24 hours and are impressed. Check out our hands-on video to see how it works!

    Full story from the WindowsCentral blog...
    12-30-2015 03:11 PM
  2. BadElbow's Avatar
    Does Playcast support multi-room controls for Chromecast audio? I looked through blog post and comments and didn't see anything. Thanks.
    04-18-2016 12:23 AM

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