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01-31-2016 03:04 PM
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  1. Jez Corden's Avatar
    Welcome to our latest Windows Central Photo Contest. This week's competition focuses on the weather! Whether it's a European forest doused in rainfall or a sun-bleached Australian landscape, we want to see your weather-themed snaps for a chance to win a Pickit Premium Subscription and a Lumia Treasury Tag!

    The pictures must be taken on a Windows Phone, and follow the weather theme. It can be pictures of fluffy clouds, macro shots of rain drenched leaves, or fork lightning! Be as creative as possible and you could find yourself victorious.

    Here are the rules for this week's contest:

    - You must use a Windows Phone to take your picture.
    - You have to tell us what device you used to take the picture, and any photo editing software or apps you might have used. Altering your pictures is fine, be creative!
    - Please add a paragraph describing your photograph, we want to know how your picture came to be! If you have an Instagram feed or any other photography portfolio profile, feel free to link those for the community as well.
    - You must have used a valid email address to register here at Windows Central so that we can contact the winner.
    - We'll only accept ONE entry per person.
    - You must upload your picture to the contest forum thread here.

    Prize - Pickit Premium Subscription


    We've partnered up with Pickit to offer three winners a year's premium subscription to Pickit (worth $109) and a Nokia Treasury Tag! Pickit is a stock photo community which rewards you for your photographs. Active photographers on Pickit's network receive royalties for every photograph that's downloaded and used by designers. If you're a designer, Pickit has an add-on for Powerpoint, Sway and Word which allows you to search for, request and import photographs directly into your documents.

    To learn more about how Pickit works for photographers, please click here!

    Download Pickit for Windows 10

    Prize - Lumia Treasury Tag


    Winners will also receive a Lumia Treasury Tag. The Treasure Tag pairs with Windows Phones using NFC and Bluetooth, and will alert you when you've left whatever its attached to behind. You can also use the tag as a remote shutter for the Lumia Selfie app!

    Click here for more information on the Treasury Tag

    The winners were announced here! Congrats guys.
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    01-22-2016 03:24 AM
  2. drinkits's Avatar
    Shot with Lumia 830, changed vibrance in Lumia Creative Studio.

    Photo was taken in country side of Latvia after blizzard.
    01-22-2016 04:19 AM
  3. tee t's Avatar
    saw this on my bike ride home from work today. taken with a lumia 640 lte.
    01-22-2016 04:31 AM
  4. Axeelant's Avatar
    I would have been the first one if Edge and Chrome would allow me to upload a picture heh. It still doesn't work, so i have to do it another way

    This photo was taken with my Lumia 930, running win 10 insider preview. It is a rich capture, but not otherwise edited.

    Location: Tarvisio ski resort, Italy, early morning.

    01-22-2016 04:32 AM
  5. Tomas B1's Avatar
    Photo taken with old Lumia 720, added filter "Opal" in Lumia Creative Studio.
    Country side of Lithuania.

    01-22-2016 04:33 AM
  6. Red920's Avatar
    Shot on Lumia 950; Location: Nautelankoski rapids (Aura River) near Turku, Finland
    Settings: Auto
    Minor editing with Adobe Photoshop Express (I tried to upload the original, which is similar, but I think the file was too big)

    It was a very cold day (almost -20 degrees C if I remember correctly), hence the rapids were partially frozen.
    But some water was still flowing, which made for an interesting combination of ice, snow and running water.
    Luckily I managed to press the camera shutter with my gloves on, so my fingers didn't freeze.


    More pics from my Lumia 950 (and 920)...
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    01-22-2016 04:39 AM
  7. SydneyTechHead's Avatar
    Winter sunrise in Sydney, Australia.

    Taken in July 2015 on my Lumia 930 while out for my morning run. No editing - it was a remarkable sight!

    Last edited by SydneyTechHead; 01-25-2016 at 10:01 PM. Reason: Attached photo
    01-22-2016 04:48 AM
  8. MarkH 187's Avatar
    Taken with Lumia 950XL. Three photos stitched together with Microsoft ICE and then contrast increased slightly in Photoshop CC 2015
    01-22-2016 05:08 AM
  9. Abhishek RanjanSingh847's Avatar

    Lumia 525 India... touch up thru lumia creative studio

    it was raining n the place lukd beatiful...hence i withdrawn my lumia... took a snap...touched up with lumia creative studio... n brought up the image into live...the wet environment,the person biking fast to reach home without getting much wet, The autos in halt, rain drops in this pic made my fav... lv this snap of mine...
    Last edited by Abhishek RanjanSingh847; 01-22-2016 at 09:20 AM.
    01-22-2016 05:12 AM
  10. shanahben's Avatar
    Taken with a Lumia 640 XL on a pretty slow day at home. No adjustments made on the photo because I like how the sky reflected my mood that day—calm, easy, uncluttered.
    01-22-2016 05:16 AM
  11. mkKozak's Avatar
    Lumia 620.
    Only cropped with Lumia Camera.
    Beginning of Autumn in my small village.

    01-22-2016 05:29 AM
  12. Kartik 10's Avatar
    Taken with my Lumia 640.
    Just used auto enhance from creative studio.

    There's nothing more beautiful than the golden sun's rays piercing through the clouds at dawn
    01-22-2016 05:56 AM
  13. Reward Maposa's Avatar
    taken by my lumia 535instagramcapture_b1e22e37-24c5-4f25-8608-7f97af264c4e.jpg
    a South African sunset
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    01-22-2016 06:26 AM
  14. mgoletti's Avatar
    Shot with Lumia 735 without processing.


    This photo was taken during a sunny late november sunday. I was walking in the nearby of my village.
    01-22-2016 06:31 AM
  15. Tommy Woosey's Avatar
    While heading home last summer I saw this amazing cloud/thunderstorm, which invited me to make a pic together with my miata.. :D


    Picture made with my Lumia 1520
    Last edited by Tommy Woosey; 01-22-2016 at 07:02 AM.
    01-22-2016 06:40 AM
  16. RK928's Avatar
    Out for a walk on a morning last Fall and took this with my $59.00 Lumia 640. Slightly added contrast and a bit of saturation in Pixlr Express. I use a vertical slice of this as the lock screen on my 640.

    01-22-2016 06:46 AM
  17. lfilipemsantos's Avatar

    Used my Lumia 830 on a monday morning walk with my dog this winter. Made some editing using Lumia Creative Studio
    01-22-2016 07:14 AM
  18. anon(5415472)'s Avatar
    Down Below
    Lumia 925 - April 2014 - Pacific Ocean
    Photoshop and Creative Studio
    Last edited by Kram Devil; 01-22-2016 at 08:37 AM. Reason: change submission
    01-22-2016 07:43 AM
  19. 12ColourPencils's Avatar
    Shot with Lumia 635. Not edited. Taken in Singapore Jan 1st super early in the morning from my very 1st run of the year. Sky clearing up after the rain. The hydro-dam reflecting off the water.
    01-22-2016 07:54 AM
  20. kramsavied's Avatar

    Photo of Worthing Beach on an October evening. Taken on Lumia 735
    01-22-2016 07:55 AM
  21. luna43's Avatar

    It was a rainy day, so I decided to photograph some leaves with water drops. Then, this photo came out!

    Lumia 630 Dual SIM
    Edited in GIMP and Adobe PS Express
    01-22-2016 07:56 AM
  22. MetalbirdWP's Avatar
    On the way back from a friend, I saw thunderstorms forming in the distance. I parked the car on a dirt road and watched the show. With a long exposure set, this photo became pretty cool.

    Shot on Lumia 930
    Brightness and contrast adjusted in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

    01-22-2016 08:08 AM
  23. PrasannaENGG's Avatar

    Captured on my Lumia 1520..
    Few Touch-ups in Lightroom..
    View From my Balcony.. I just enjoy the rains of India....
    Great Joy capturing Water whichever it maybe...
    01-22-2016 08:10 AM
  24. Sergio Berlingeri's Avatar
    Hi! This one was taken one evening after a rainstorm in Buenos Aires. The sky was starting to clear on the horizon so the sun setting down lit the clouds from below.
    The picture was taken with a Lumia 535 (nothing to brag about ) and had minor editing with Fhotoroom, only contrast control to stand out the darkness of the surrounding buildings against the orange palette of the clouds hit by the sunset.
    NMCynthia and saisam4u like this.
    01-22-2016 08:36 AM
  25. Pieter Wolff's Avatar
    Summery blue sky in Cape Town during a serious drought. Hasn't rained for weeks. Lumia 830 without any editing.
    01-22-2016 08:38 AM
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