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    I'm a fan of explorative platformers, I'm a fan of side scrolling shooters, but mining the fun from Cobalt was a struggle.
    Cobalt comes from Oxeye Game Studios, an indie outfit co-created by Jens Bergensten of Minecraft fame. Cobalt has previously been available in beta on PC, and is now available in full on Steam, Xbox One and Xbox 360, published by Mojang.

    For me, Cobalt's trailers evoked memories of classic side-scrolling shooters like the explosive GunStar Heroes on the Sega Genesis, throwing in a hint of SNES Super Metroid-style platforming and exploration for good measure. I discovered the best of both worlds in Cobalt, but it often felt like the game's better aspects battle with each other rather than coexist.

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    02-17-2016 12:00 PM

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