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    One final update reminds you of what's about to happen.
    Following the recent, shock news that Line is to close down MixRadio for good, there is one final update waiting in the Store for its many Windows Phone fans around the world. Sadly, all it does is remind you of what's about to happen and bid you farewell.

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    03-11-2016 08:20 AM
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    I'm sad that the loss of MixRadio hasn't been met with hundreds of angry comments and more of a sense of loss here at WinCentral. Instead, its quietly faded away.

    There was a time when Nokia Music was a key reason to buy a Nokia Lumia instead of an HTC or even an Android phone. It's cool, free music streaming service was light years ahead of Microsoft's xBox music. Heck, there were even many of us that tried to trick our HTC's and Samsung's into believing they were Nokia Lumia's just to get Nokia Music (and Nokia Maps) - Remember the Fiddler Trick?

    But then it all started to come crashing down. MS in its brilliance decided it wanted to be Nokia, bought them, then promptly gutted the hardware division, took a $7+ Billion dollar write down, and sold off Nokia Mixradio to LINE.

    Still, MIxRadio carried on. With an Android and ios version of the app (ironically, no official WP version) and frequent updates.

    Now that's all come to an end as LINE doesn't want to play in the streaming music sandbox anymore (at least if its not their own streaming service).

    So here we are. Old fans like me are shedding a tear for the loss of a great music service while others are Googling "fiddler trick" to see what the hell that is. Time moves on.

    Sad day.
    03-12-2016 05:54 AM

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