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    Google ramps up to Pixel, BlackBerry ramps down hardware, and Lenovo's Yoga is coming in hot for landing.
    Coming soon from a Google near you: Pixel. Tuesday will bring the follow-ups to the Nexus line of "pure" Android phones, but this time Google's making more of a Google phone. There have been some leaks, but there's a lot we don't know and are looking forward to. And we might just get to hear something about the "Andromeda" project that will further blur the lines between Chrome OS and Android.
    Meanwhile, BlackBerry weathered a rough week from making a sound decision. After years of declining handset sales, BlackBerry announced that they're done making their own phones, but they'll partner with other manufacturers to make new BlackBerry phones. They've done that twice already the Leap was built by HTC and the DTEK50 is a re-badged Alctalel phone. Plus BlackBerry will be licensing their software and the famed BlackBerry keyboard to other manufacturers.
    If you've been wondering which Apple Watch to get, wonder no more: here's the iMore review of the Apple Watch Series 2. Oh, and there's an iMore sticker pack for iMessage because this is the world we live in now.
    Over in VR land we went for the ultimate in VR experiences: a roller coaster. In virtual reality. And real life. At the same time.. It's more insane than you might imagine. That was with just a mere Samsung Gear VR imagine what that'd be like with a more powerful VR system like, oh, the soon-to-launch Sony PlayStation VR.
    The phone that Windows Phone fans have been waiting for, the HP Elite x3 (or at least the phone that'll tide them over until the next phone they're waiting for) received a substanial update that's fixed a wide range of issues and improved performance. Of course, we're still waiting for it to go on sale in a predictable fashion. Oh, and we got our hands on the Lenovo Yoga Book running Windows 10 and we're really intriuged by it and chomping at the bit for our review!
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    10-02-2016 02:30 PM

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