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    HP's first venture into Windows 10 Mobile is a strong one, but it remains to be seen if they can create a market for this three-in-one device
    Before we get started, let's get something clear: you can call the Elite x3 many things, just don't call it a smartphone. So says HP who is proud to boast about the category-defining Elite x3, now hitting markets around the world. Granted, the Elite x3 could be just another smartphone, but there is a lot that is different about this device that makes it worth a reconsideration.
    The Elite x3 runs Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update and with it all the baggage from years of people calling it dead-end OS. While Microsoft's consumer smartphone ambitions are in a holding pattern, which is being generous, the OS may have found refuge in at least one area: industry. It's a bit ironic since businesses and enterprise used Windows CE (Windows Mobile) a decade ago.
    Now, in late 2016 Windows Mobile is returning to its roots.

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    10-17-2016 07:11 AM

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