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    Prevent someone from guessing your password by using this guide to temporarily lock out your computer after a specific number of invalid attempts.

    Microsoft has designed Windows 10 to keep your information protected from the most advanced security threats with features like BitLocker, Windows Hello, and an entirely new Windows Defender for malware protection. However, even with so many security technologies in place, there are still chances of someone guessing your password. In part is because, by default, the operating system allows unlimited passwords attempts through the Sign-in screen.
    Perhaps one of the main reasons for this is to prevent you from quickly getting locked out of your system when you suddenly forget your password. But unfortunately, it also leaves the doors open to anyone with physical access to your device to have unlimited tries to guess your password -- and probably guess the right one.
    Thankfully, Windows 10 (and previous versions), includes a set of advanced security options to temporarily lock out your account after a defined number of failed sign-in attempts. While there are a bunch of different ways that someone can try to bypass your password, you will at least slow down and make it harder for anyone to hack into your local Windows 10 account.

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    11-03-2016 07:11 AM

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