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    When you have to add or remove functionality to your computer, this guide can help you manage Windows 10's "optional features."

    Windows 10 is a sophisticated OS that includes an extensive array of features, some of which you have to turn on or off as needed. These are known as "optional features," and they're available through the "Windows Features" page in Control Panel. While most of them are meant to add server functionality to your computer, there are some features that are useful for all users.
    These optional features can't be entirely removed from your device, and they'll continue to use space on your hard drive, but depending on the functionalities required, you can enable or disable them as needed. Many of these Windows 10 features are advanced, and turning them on could potentially make your computer vulnerable or slow if you don't know how to configure them correctly.

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    02-01-2017 02:20 PM

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