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    In the ever-evolving workplace, the expectations of having instant access to reports, projects and files cease to plateau. The concept of only being able to view your documents that live on your office computer from the computer itself is all but gone. Our information is as portable as we are.
    Remote access to your work means that you can be productive and collaborative from anywhere. Your local storage remains uncluttered, enabling you to not have to worry about files you may access less frequently. Depending on your daily driver you may not want to invest in another storage card option, or perhaps you're simply unable to expand.
    There are quite a few popular and powerful cloud storage service providers in the world, including Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. Microsoft's OneDrive, formerly SkyDrive (formerly Live Folders, Essentials and other iterations), is a well received and widely accepted cloud-sync option that's not to be overlooked. Natural and complete integration with Office is by far one of it's most powerful advantages over other solutions. If you're considering trusting OneDrive to help you manage your projects on the go, or you already use it, take a look at these tips and tricks. They just may help you "become one" with OneDrive.

    [LIST][*]Manage sharing[*]IFTTT and Microsoft Flow for effortless automation[*]Offline access[*]Locating file versions[*]Avoid Outlook Clutter[/LIST]

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    03-27-2017 06:10 AM

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