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    There aren't many management games on Xbox One, due to the lack of mouse support. Cities: Skylines completely sidesteps this issue, delivering the best city management game in a generation.
    Management games, such as SimCity, Theme Park, or Planet Coaster, are often very complex. Not only are you micro-managing the game itself, but also the various overlapping menus that govern the game. As such, the preferred input method has, historically, been mouse and keyboard.

    Cities: Skylines has proven that controllers can be a worthy input method for this type of game.
    Most of us already know Cities: Skylines is a tremendous game. It has set the standard for city-building games for years to come, as EA famously flubbed SimCity's 2013 version, forcing users to participate in an awful online experience that would go on to kill the franchise almost entirely.
    Regardless of Cities: Skylines' success on PC, that doesn't necessarily mean it would be great on Xbox One. Those huge, sprawling 3D cities can get extremely complex and hardware intensive, and that's without discussing control schemes. Of course, you won't have a mouse while playing Skylines on Xbox One.
    However, I am overjoyed to report that Cities: Skylines has proven that controllers can be a worthy input method for this type of game. Tantalus, Colossal Order, and Paradox Interactive have thoroughly nailed Cities: Skylines on Xbox One, making it one of this generation's must-play console titles.

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    04-21-2017 03:10 AM

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