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    If you don't use the Paint 3D app, it's possible to uninstall it completely from Windows 10, and here we show you how.
    On the Creators Update, Windows 10 introduces a lot of new features and improvements, including a new push for native support for 3D that allows you to create and share content in an entirely new dimension.

    One way that Windows 10 showcases this new feature is with a new redesigned version of Paint, which is simply called "Paint 3D" that includes a modern interface and tools to create and manipulate 3D as well as 2D objects. The app even has a community called Remix 3D, a place to share your creations that others can also download and build on top of your project.

    Full story from the WindowsCentral blog...
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    05-08-2017 06:10 AM
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    I love the new apps from the creators update, especially the Paint 3D app!

    It's definitely an interesting app to use and mess around with.

    I think you can 3D print these... or is that the other 3D builder app?

    Anyways, it's a very interesting app and I'll use it for fun here and there.
    05-08-2017 06:15 AM

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