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    Taking the "pro" out of Windows is only bad if you don't hang around with normal PC users. Really. Keep reading if you're still not convinced.
    One of the toughest things to balance on a site dedicated to Windows and its related products is how to target content. While professionals and enthusiasts tend to be the most articulate and knowledgeable, they can also be myopic, especially compared to "regular" consumers.
    This is why I'm grateful that my close friends and family barely understand the things I know or care about professionally. Geeking out over innovative design languages, Windows 10 on ARM, and software "bridges" is not normal. I get that, and I hope you do too.
    I bring this up because if you're reading this article, itching to comment, you're likely in the one-percent: a Windows enthusiast, aficionado, maybe even an expert. I regularly concede that many people in our audience have proficiencies where I lack serious credibility. That's what's so fun about this place — the sharing of knowledge and viewpoints.

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    05-17-2017 12:10 PM

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