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    Most mini PCs support 4K these days.
    The technology to enable true 4K has been around for years, but as is often the case, it takes a while for the tech to filter through and become more affordable. That's where we're at right now.
    Today, 4K TVs are common and so are 4K PC monitors, and we're getting more and more ultra HD (UHD) content to use with these displays. But a display isn't any use without something to actually push that 4K content to it. Thankfully, that doesn't require a high-end gaming PC.
    There's a pretty wide range of PCs that can push 4K video output, from the very big to the very small. And in the case of a mini PC, you're looking at a good option for a living-room-based Home Theater PC (HTPC).

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    05-31-2017 10:10 AM

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