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    Diablo III just picked up a brand new DLC, breathing new life (or "unlife?") into the industry-leading action RPG.
    Diablo III is an incredible action game from Blizzard Entertainment, available on Xbox One and PC. Not only does it fully support online and offline cooperative play, but it keeps seeing new features, content updates, and more, giving the game some serious longevity.
    The previous DLC, Reaper of Souls, was a full-blown story expansion, complete with new characters, new cut-scenes, and an all-new hero class, the Crusader. The Necromancer DLC is nowhere near as beefy.
    For $15, you get the all-new, fully-voiced Necromancer class, a series staple from Diablo II, and various cosmetic items. The DLC's launch also saw the addition of new areas for adventure mode and other new challenges for end-game players, all of which are free to existing players.
    So, is the Necromancer DLC worth it? Read on, friends.

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    06-30-2017 07:10 AM

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