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    The Windows phone hardware market is starved of new hardware right now, so we wanted to know what your dream Windows phone would look like!
    With no new Windows phones on the horizon, we want to know what your dream Windows phone looks like. It's been a while since we last had a new Windows phone that wowed fans. The Lumia 950 was an okay release, but it wasn't anything special unlike the Lumia 1020 or Lumia 1520.

    With rumors of a Surface phone in the works, we can't help but wonder what exactly a Surface phone would look and feel like. Would it be a mini Surface, or something new entirely? What if your dream Windows phone isn't even a Surface to begin with?

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    07-06-2017 09:40 AM
  2. spaceOpia1's Avatar
    Shouldn't we be waiting for the phone they showed in their video (the small foldable/detachable agenda) ?
    Now that would be a wow nobody could ignore.
    I know it seems impossible, but isn't it what Steve Jobs did when Apple launched the first iPhone ?
    07-06-2017 02:30 PM
  3. sinime's Avatar
    I just want something with a nice camera that doesn't run android/iOS and is SUPPORTED by Microsoft.
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    07-06-2017 05:17 PM
  4. bortovic's Avatar
    for a short period of time i would like to have a phone with close specifications like a desktop computer so that i can easily switch between phone and desktop at any time. there are already mini sd cards with 1 TB, so for normal usage it is more than enough for everyday tasks.
    07-06-2017 05:48 PM
  5. UnbelievableT3cherz's Avatar
    1440p display, 3gb ram, 4k rear camera, front facing stereo speakers, rear fingerprint scanner, minimal bezels (up to the speakers and camera), thunderbolt 3, aluminum body or carbonfiber, 3200mah battery minimum, 3.5mm headphone jack (can't believe I have to write that in 2017). I think that's all. And maybe...app support to close the app gap.
    07-06-2017 06:17 PM
  6. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    My dream Windows phone has the same level of software support and developer application support (1st party ones) as iOS and Android. All OEMs now at the high end make food hardware (see HP and Idol 3S last year). It's now a service and software business driven market.
    07-06-2017 06:31 PM
  7. pmhgeneral's Avatar
    Simple! One that has a clean and smooth OS that works.
    07-06-2017 07:04 PM
  8. Mohamed Altegani's Avatar
    Hi all
    First of all I've been using Windows Phones since 2 years now and generally smartphones since 3 years switching between midrange androids for year till I met my first Lumia ever it was Lumia 625 with 8.1 and really I enjoyed using it for almost 8 months then I had to upgrade to a better handset so I was searching for Lumia that's suits my needs as a daily driver in the end I had to choose between 830 & 730 I went with 730 cause I needed the extra sim slot and since then I've been using it and I loved every minute of using it in fact I'm shocked that there are many many people out there doesn't know that Windows Phones are great to use and why is that ? In my opinion android always gives you the full package from performance to UI and of course Apps but despite all of that every time I use it even the newest devices out there I feel there is something wrong, nah these is not the convenient way to use devices that you interact with it all day everyday, furthermore when it comes to Windows Phones from the first time I watched a review of htc hd7 I was amazed by the start screen cause really it felt this is genuine this how mobile UI should look like and despite it misses some of the options that androiders use to have but what a heck i never felt that platform is lacking something, that long introduction was to give u guys ideas of how much I like my windows phone.
    So I will say my perfect Windows Phone should packed the latest hardware and battery plus w10m OS preinstalled on it with continum support and of course a great main camera and selfie camera , and about how it looks I think the same design of the Lumia 730 but with a slimmer profile and a sub C the head phone jack should be on the bottom left corner the camera should look just like the 950xl's design , the display should be inlarged to 5.2 inches decreasing the chin area loading 2k resolution with front facing stereo speakers , also must have the option of dual sims and micro SD card slot , and finally it should be fully waterproof.
    All that was my vision for what may considered the perfect dream Windows Phone that has ever been made and it must be named as Microsoft Lumia Dream
    07-07-2017 02:33 AM
  9. crocanusa's Avatar
    I'm afraid they may have already missed out on the mobile area. They are way too behind to make a difference at this point. The ship has sailed. They will truly have to think out if the box if they come out with a surface phone. I say just perfect the integration with other systems or c shell emulation but the app gap is terrible.
    07-07-2017 07:30 AM

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