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    You can stop Windows 10 apps from running in the background to save battery, bandwidth, and some system resources. In this guide, we show you how.
    On Windows 10, apps you install using the Store have been designed to run in the background to take advantage of the OS features, including the ability to download data, show toast notifications, and fetch information to display up-to-date updates in their Live tiles in the Start menu.
    The issue is that these apps are always running in the background, even if you didn't open them, and that will drain battery, bandwidth, and system resources. However, Windows 10 includes a few options to take control of the apps that run in the background using the Settings app.
    In this Windows 10 guide, we walk you through the steps to stop apps you install from the Store from running in the background, wasting resources on your device.

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    09-14-2017 06:10 AM

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