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    Microsoft's One Windows vision seems to be coming to fruition in the form of a flexible, customizable version of Windows 10: Andromeda OS.
    Andromeda OS is a version of Windows 10 that can be tweaked for use on any device type according to our own Zac Bowden. Andromeda will allow Windows to run on wearables, PCs and a variety of other form factors, including mobile. Essentially, Andromeda enables the ability to remove specific Windows functionality that isn't essential to make Windows "lighter" and a better fit for the targeted hardware.

    The key point here is that Windows 10 remains fundamentally the same version of Windows 10 regardless of the device it's running on. Because of the OSes flexibility, distinct Windows variants such as Windows 10 Mobile will no longer be necessary. Windows 10 will simply be Windows 10 on any device it is running on.
    This additional information regarding Andromeda and the adaptable UI, CShell, is consistent with our previous analysis of Microsoft's One Windows vision. Of course, nothing exists in a vacuum, and Apple and Google have their own agendas. So what are the philosophical differences between Microsoft's one OS strategy and its rivals approach to personal computing?

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    09-25-2017 12:10 PM
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    I believe Andromeda has a very likely chance of survival, but Microsoft is going to have to blow us away to pull those from the exodus back to windows. Extreme user customization, DEEP integration of cortana including run apps and app commands, full length MP3 alarms for the calendar to maximize likely hood to wake deep sleepers and scheduled volume on/off(sick of missing appointments because of these two), Smart watch integration, send open app to device, these are good places to start. Microsoft has always been strong with ease of use and lack of clutter this made my windows phone extremely valuable, but "reliability" is going to have to be strong focus. no more abandoning anything with out a strong replacement. after my Microsoft band 2 broke it was replace with fit bit blaze , for free but that was an insult. i can never expect to play desk top/mouse and keyboard/steam games on a phone device, how ever that would be crazy cool. Microsoft needs to understand that people are integrating them selves with their phones, one day our gear is going to become audio visual implants this is inevitable. when that day comes i'm going to choose the least annoying, and most reliable.
    10-09-2017 12:15 PM

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