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    Microsoft introduced HoloLens and holographic computing in 2015. At Mobile World Congress 2019, HoloLens 2 may be the foundation for Microsoft's new vision for mobile.
    HoloLens, the tether-less, wearable, Windows 10 PC that projects "holographic images into the field of view of the wearer, enabling augmented-reality (AR) computing excited the tech world in 2015. The technology, which began as a gaming tool under the leadership of Microsoft Technical Fellow for AI Perception and Mixed Reality in the company's Cloud and AI Group Alex Kipman proved to many that Microsoft is still innovating. Microsoft and other companies see mixed reality as the future of computing.

    When Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella saw HoloLens in action he envisioned applications beyond its gaming foundations and supported further innovation that brought the tech to where it is today. Though HoloLens has endured criticism for its limited field of view and high price tag, Microsoft has been successful with remaining true to its strategy to deploy it in tailored enterprise and niche industries. AR supported surgeries, the army, NASA, the education sector, factory workers, and the automobile industry have benefitted from local, collaborative and remote uses of HoloLens.

    With the support of tools like Microsoft 365, Teams, Remote Access, and Cortana, Microsoft has been steadily evolving, expanding and proving the use cases for HoloLens and mixed reality computing. After four years, Microsoft's Hololens 2, with a possible Qualcomm 850 mobile processor, dedicated A.I. chip, Windows Core OS (Oasis), Composable Shell (CShell) and a sleeker, lighter design may be the always-connected-wearable-PC that becomes the foundation for smart glasses that, in time, replaces smartphones.

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