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    Two popular Windows Phone photography apps are in the process of being updated. Fhotoroom is a Windows Phone app that combines a photo editor, photo-sharing network and camera app under one roof. Fhotolens, from the same developer, is a camera app for Windows Phone 8 that is fitted with a virtual 10-24mm lens to offer a fish-eyed perspective on things.
    The developer, Thomas Lock, is constantly working to improve these two apps and has released updates for both the Windows Phone 8 and 7.x versions of Fhotoroom. The version 1.8 update for Fhotolens had to be pulled to address a few bugs and should be rolling out in a few days (submitted for certification this past Friday).

    Full story from the WPCentral blog...
    02-16-2014 11:30 AM
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    Photo apps!!!

    02-21-2014 06:30 PM

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